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Smoking Bongs and Pipes

Bongs and Pipes Canada
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Human beings during the olden days made use of stones. Archaeologists have discovered that bongs made several years ago were actually made out of rocks, human skulls and gourds. Bongs today are being used as a filtration device for smoking marijuana and other substances. Of recent, people enjoy smoking with bongs and pipes. The bong is actually similar to the hookah except it is smaller thus, easier to carry around.

 In the case of the bong, the smoke is being filtered and made to pass through water. This makes for a smoother draw while the water diffuses and filters the smoke from the marijuana.

Ancient water pipes and bongs are not quite the same with the ones being used today. They differ in quality, techniques and materials used in producing them. There have been debates about the best way to smoke marijuana. There are many ways to but in my own opinion, the bong still provides the best way and sounds much more convenient to use.

With the modern bongs and pipes, smokers get a smoother, more refreshing and filtered smoke. The water in the bong does serve as a percolator, bringing the smoke to a mild or suitable temperature thus, allowing the smoker to enjoy softer puffs of smoke. This is unlike the feeling you get with the dry pipes. Another advantage they have over the dry pipes formally used is that its filtration process reduces the amount taken in while at the same time reducing likely health risks associated with smoking of weeds.

There are different types and makes of bongs but the most common are the glass water pipes. The fact that most of them can be dismounted and also the nature of the material they are made of makes for easy usage and easy leaning after use. Their filtration mechanism is rated excellent. You just have to handle them properly and you have a bong to use for a life time.

What do smokers usually consider before going for a particular bong and pipe? The major thing most smokers check out for is first, the shape of the water pipe. This is very important. Aside from the shape of the water pipe, there are other important things to consider as there are lots of features that can be changed depending on the type of pipe being used. Check out for the stem as well. Some bongs have a fixed down stem while in others the stems are removable or adjustable. It is also important you know the size of your bong when shopping for parts like the glass bowl or accessories like ash-catchers from an online store like Itsprimo. A necessary feature you have to look out for is the type of joint located on the down stem of your pipe.

Aside from the pipes and bongs which constitutes the major components there are other features that can be added to your smoking style to make it more fun. Some of these features include; ice- catches, water line markers and splash guards.

Looking at it from any angle, smoking using bongs and pipes provide a safer, more convenient and more enjoyable way of puffing weed.