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Cannabis Stocks: USA and Canada Market Trends

Cannabis Stock USA and Canada
Source: Finance Yahoo

Since buying cannabis is now legal in the United States and easier in Canada, investing it has also been made easier. This means there is a longer list of cannabis stock to watch out for then. Huge market openings for buying and selling of stocks were made in 2018 but it is quite unfortunate to say that these great prospects only ended up as a massive loss for lots of stock investors. 2019 however looks quite promising. Even though it is a bit early to tell, but the year could bring a much better news for those markets which have been in constant growth. It is noticed that Magic Mushrooms also increasingly seen as a possible psychiatric wonder drug as it has brought transformative relief from anxiety, depression, too including people with life-threatening cancer. For more information on magic mushrooms, please visit MicroZoomers.

  • Constellation brands

Constellation Brands are known for producing alcoholic beverages and have made much improvements in 2018 when they placed a bet on one of the world’s biggest legalized weed producer. The challenge this year is that this bet won’t be a waste year following the rapid growth of marijuana market in Canada, particularly recreational Marijuana.

Constellation was established in the year 1945 and is currently on its apex in the United States high quality beer market. This beer market has strong brands which are popular amongst the influential. With these strong drinks, the margins they work with have been on high increase within the last four months of the previous year. This brand’s first Corona Premier launching which took place about three decades ago, has been the very first main input to the Corona franchise. This is a laudable achievement which should be considered in 2019 in order to record the tremendous successes and improve Constellation growth.

  • The Innovative Industrial Properties

They work in similar manner as a real estate that produces income with emphasis on the medical marijuana industry. The company’s total revenue stood above a 100% around July-August 2018. They also recorded enormous profits which enabled it pay its sixth quarterly dividend.

More growth and more profits prospects and even higher dividends are expected this year from their cannabis stock market this year, 2019. As at November 2018, Innovative Industrial Properties owns ten properties in ten different states. Another one which was recently acquired in Illinois goes ahead to boost this number.

  • Origin House

California tops the list of the biggest markets for legalized cannabis worldwide. Its biggest distributor, Origin House ranks the biggest in California. In 2018 when other marijuana stock were experiencing a slum, it was experiencing growth. Expectations of the year 2019 are that the rising waves in marijuana stock market in California should catapult Origin House to a remarkable height. California’s launching of its cannabis market in 2018 did not record the expected successes. However, there are lots of prospects for that in 2019. 

  • KushCo Holdings

They stand out as the chief supplier of marijuana packaging accessories to the United States Marijuana industry. For this reason, there is need for the company to prosper following the increase of cannabis stocks in the U.S.  

Its growth prospects aren’t restricted to just the United States or better still to only providing packaging solutions as it has plans of extending its wings to Canada and Europe. Kush Co also has made certain purchases and acquisitions that project the company in other levels and branches of the cannabis supply chain, for instance by providing supplies to the Marijuana industry. It equally provides marketing services to the marijuana industry as a whole.